Friday, April 8, 2011

On Tombstone

Every couple of months, I remember something or get all moody and return to this movie. Is it not the best movie you have ever seen? I mean. I don't think there is much you can say about it. Literally every character is the best thing in the world. You know how when you watch a movie and a character says something and you don't really pay attention to it, or maybe you just don't think it was that good of a thing to say? That never happens once in this entire movie. Every single character says the best possible thing for them to say at any moment.

Wyatt Earp: How ya' doin' Doc?
Doc Holliday: I'm dying. How are you?

That is the raddest fucking thing you can say on your deathbed! Holy fuck. And obviously, Doc Holliday is the most kick ass character that's ever existed. But like, EVERY character is fucking sick. Even big old dumb Morgan Earp. The retarded Earp brother has the one of the illest lines in the whole movie! As he's dying, he says this:

"Remember what I said about people seein' a bright light before they die? It ain't true. I can't see a damn thing."

WHOOOOAAAAAAA! That is so fucking intense. This is one of the only movies that if they made it even longer and just filled it with like deleted scenes and stuff, I'd like it more. The shit is already like 3 hours long and get bummed every time it's over. I want more. So, yeah. Watch this movie again and get hyped. I'll let you borrow it. But, you should probably just buy it.

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