Friday, April 9, 2010

Mike's Record Review: Fang Island by Fang Island

Since I now have a job that consists of sitting in complete silence for 9 hours, I figured I should start listening to some tunes while I do. And then I thought, fuck it. Why don't I review records. So, here it is.

Fang Island by Fang Island

Do you remember when you first heard Torche's first album? And then you went and talked to your metal friend about about and were like, "Hey, so that song Rock It! How fucking about it?" And they kind of went, "Heh. Yeah, it's something. Pretty silly." And all embarassed you went, "HAHAHAHAHA! I know, right! That song is so stupid! Totally not amazing at all! Anyways..." But in your head, you thought, "That is the best song I've ever heard in my entire life. I wish every song sounded like that." Well, I don't know if Fang Island feels the same way, but they made an album that sounds fucking like that. UNSTOPPABLE!

You know how people are like, "The is the best album of the year..." or whatever. Nope. Fang Island is the best album ever. It sounds like you're fucking punching a hole in the moon. K-POW! And like, if someone HAS to no matter what, describe your music as "triumphant," pack it in. Everyone else is done with making music. This shit is the truth. Like, I can't say enough. The album is 80% guitar solos and drum fills and pretty much the only time there's singing, it's in the form of beautiful, soaring four part harmonies. It's just soundtrack music to doing fucking kick ass at life. Every song sounds like it was written to congratulate everyone for the previous song.

And the whole album's awesome! You don't skip anything! Like, I know it's corny to describe it as victory music, but that's what it is! All sorts of victories. Getting a new job victories. Kissing that hot girl victories. Beating up a total douche victories. Cathartic, coming of age victories. All of them are here.

If I had to say a song you should listen to first in order to get hooked, I'd say it's "Daisy." Song's a ripper, gives the goods pretty much immediately and doesn't really stop. Beautiful singing and hand claps. Pretty solid. But the thing is, all the songs are super awesome. Even my least favorite song, "Treeton" is a fucking ripper. When it starts, you're like, "Alright. Kind of sounds like Animal Collective. Pretty good. Kind of whatevs." and by the end of it, you're getting destroyed by shredding, southern rock bendy guitar solos and keyboard freak-outs. Just amazing.

So, yeah, in conclusion. Pretty fucking awesome. It might not be for everyone, but it's definitely for me.

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