Friday, April 23, 2010

Further Proof that Diddy is unbelievable.

Diddy is probably the best person in the world. While most people are concerned with nonsense like volcanoes and South Park doing something dumb again, Diddy is starting his own vodka war. Diddy owns half of Ciroc Vodka (the official sponsor of New Years ... how is that possible?!?) and said (to a huge party in a fancy nightclub), that if you are not drinking the delicious Ciroc vodka, you are in fact, "drinking pee pee."


This caused all sorts of vodka tycoons to get upset. If you move in circles, where you even have the chance to upset vodka tycoons. You're amazing. The guy that owns Georgi (the official sponsor of date rape and jungle juice) sent Diddy a toilet full of Ciroc. Of course, Diddy didn't respond to this, because his toilet probably IS full of expensive vodka. He's rich.

Anyway, Diddy made a wonderful little video of himself, sitting in a bubble bath, drinking a martini to apologize for saying georgi tastes like pee pee (it does).

JK! He's not sorry!

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