Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Assemble & Conquer

Hands down our favorite brand ever, RAW, is quickly taking over east coast skateboarding. You seen that shit on the Berrics??? Killing it daily. I'm hoping P.J. bails on Plan B to bring it on home to me. The minds behind Raw, Raw Private Stock, and the Positive Kit just opened their very own flagship store. They explain it better than I could;

"We are proud to officially announce our forthcoming and most important project to date. On May 23, 2009, as another long New England winter finally comes to a close, RAW, RAW Private Stock and The Positive Kit will have a brick and mortar home. At present, we are finalizing the construction and layout of our headquarters, which is located at 1152 Broadway in Somerville, Massachusetts.

The space will appropriately be titled Assemble & Conquer, due to the fact that we are putting all of our efforts under one roof in order to be closer to the progress of our brands. Most importantly, visitors to 1152 Broadway will have the opportunity to view our process firsthand. They will catch glimpses of how simple ideas become final products and, ultimately, how brands are built from the ground up.

Assemble & Conquer will serve as the venue for all of our design. It will be the hub for shipping to our supporters worldwide. Patrons of the space will have direct access to RAW, RAW Private Stock and The Positive Kit, as well as products from a handpicked lineup of brands that we respect. Our inspiration comes from those we’ve read about or met along the way, as well as those who are a part of the family we’ve created. This spring, our worldwide skateboarding family will have a place to assemble. Come through…"


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