Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Can't Make This Up - Missed Connections

It's (Not) All Over Now, Baby Blue - w4m - 23 (New Paltz)

You're just kidding yourself if you say "it ain't me, babe" because without you it's so hard to get on.

I'm asking Bob Dylan and Neil Young to show up outside your balcony and sing you a telegram asking for you to be mine again! I'm summoning Jerry Garcia from the dead with seances and whispered pleas because I'm sure he'd tell you to shut up and kiss me already.

I want to drink one more (one more one more one more) cups of coffee with you before I go anywhere. I want to read with you every night and murmur striking passages aloud to you when I can't contain my laughter or delight or my love for literature or for you. I want to write my masterpiece with you by my side. I want you to be a main character in my life story. I want to cast you as my lover and my best friend in the movie adaptation of my life.

Like a spider crawls into her web in the corner, I want to crawl into your bed.

You are my home.

Please let me back inside.