Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me & Ryan's Thoughts on C I V I L WA R

actionORalgebra: did you check that shit out yet?
mikemnp: i did.
actionORalgebra: are you down
mikemnp: i mean. it might be how i feel about all D4 albums i hear. kind of like, nothing special. a little too wierd in spots, i think i gotta listen to it more. i always get down with thier albums like fith time through.
actionORalgebra: i feel the same way. I thought this one is special because it is flat out crazy in spots
actionORalgebra: the first time I heard situationist comedy, i didnt give a shit
actionORalgebra: it wasnt midwestern songs
mikemnp: definetely. which kind of sucks. i feel like they've been on a very slow decline. like, my love of their albums is in the exact order they came out. so, i hope i give this a few more listens, finda a lot of that subtle shit they do that i love
actionORalgebraa: see, i got into them hard around versus god, and went backwards in the weeks after, so Im all screwed up. I think it goues mid. songs, sit. comedy. this one, genius, and then versus god, cause in completely over that one aside from a couple songs
actionORalgebra: but im still actually on the fence about this one, ill report back in a couple weeks
actionORalgebra: i think its awesome, but i dont actually know yet. I think they could have recorded themselves farting inot a barrel, and i'd be pumped they released something
mikemnp: haha. true. the thing is, they release new music so rarely, that everytime, it's such a huge jump. so, it's always very jarring. they're not like other bands where they release an album even close to every year, so, so much shit changes with them and even with music in general that it's wierd to hear. we're all used to listening to the jams they put out in 1997-2003. that was a long fucking time ago.
actionORalgebra: yeah no shit, i feel like so many bands put out a record almost every year or so, so nobody cares if they switch their sound up, cause its like "well, maybe they'll go back next year."
actionORalgebra: when d4 puts out a record, it like "holy shit, this might have to be their opus"
actionORalgebra: "I may never hear another thing from them"
actionORalgebra: but then I think of NOFX, and their endless stream of the same, so whatevs
mikemnp: haha. exactly true! and they honestly do change they're sound up a ton, which is awesome for a band to do. this album's whole tempo is WAAAY slower than anything else they've ever done, songs are way longer, breaking 3 minutes and shit. it's just very strange. i just gotta give it a real listen and see if they can swing in this more pop than punk situation.
actionORalgebra: i think paddy was probly like "you know, i am not that angry anymore, I am pretty old, and am settling into shit. Eric, sings songs about the scene, let's feel alright for once."
actionORalgebra: theyre not little shits anymore, they are like, dudes now, so i think they feel the blink 182 pressure, of being like "we cant sing the same 2 minute punk songs, we need some musical growth"\
actionORalgebra: which is bullshit, its like a midlife crisis released on tape. I always want em to just go with what you know
mikemnp: very true. i do feel the mid-life crisis shit with them, even when we saw them in BK, i feel like they have this fear of not being the shit anymore, not being aware of what's cool, so much to the point, that you're over it.
actionORalgebra: i always kinda feel for em though, cause theyre like, musics bastards, widely liked, but everyone kinda hates em, cause theyre not like everyone else. So whenever they want to do something different, albiet to sometimes be dickheads, they are under scrutiny for it
actionORalgebra: so I cant blame em for being like, fuck it, lets write a crazy record that we like and noone else does, cause fuck em, most of them havent had our backs since day one
mikemnp: that is true. you know, if they want to be like the auteurs of pop punk, then, fuck it, that's a good thing to try to be. and i mean, really pushing the poppy side is good. it sounds good and shit. i don't know. it's a punk record and barely sounds different than any other record.
actionORalgebra: but that barely is so noticable with a band like theym
actionORalgebra: all i know is jim is gonna love it
mikemnp: i'm just glad that D4 is a band that we talk about them in terms of records and not songs, that's super hard for a band to do. everything is about the one song or two. D4 is killing it on the record front like it's 1977 and people actually give a shit about the enitre album.
actionORalgebra: its all or nothing with them, because they HAVE to realease something front to back that works, they dont write songs, they write albums
actionORalgebra: even doublewhiskeycokenoice wouldnt work if it was on like rock against bush, or even versus god
actionORalgebra: the only reson this shit is genius works is because they made a point of putting super different b-sides and shit on the same record
mikemnp: yeah. "conceptual pop punk." you know, i wish this album did have some of the harder paddy stuff like, "a floater left with pride in the corporate washroom" or "superpowers enable me to blend with machinery." or "#51 Dick Butkis". i like that poppy stuff, but i know these guys got those rough edges.
actionORalgebra: yeah i know, but its like, everyone is looking for super powers, or like their heavy jam. I think they just tried to stay away from everything theyve done, because it has been almost 6 years, and they are almost 40
actionORalgebra: whatever, well discuss further im sure, i have to help jim out hes stressing trying to get shit done to go to philly
actionORalgebra: ill see you tomorrow, right?
mikemnp: yeah. i'm putting this coversation on the blog.
actionORalgebra: i know
actionORalgebra: talk to you later bud

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